My blogroll, a collection of backlinks to blogs I read occasionally. I was inspired to create one after reading Hunting the Nearly-Invisible Personal Website.

Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Stratechery covers, in short order: aggregation theory, disruption theory, economics, technology and society, the evolution of technology, media, & strategy and product management.


202007 - apenwarr

From the About page of his most recent venture, Tailscale:

Avery Pennarun previously consulted to Alphabet senior leadership and led Google Fiber's gigabit WiFi and platform analytics team. His open source projects include wvdial, sshuttle, bup, and redo. [...] Avery is on the Board of Directors for a Schedule I Canadian bank.

You can see what he's currently trying to achieve right now by reading How Tailscale works.

Avery wrote a bunch of blog posts and docs that are famous internally at Google. It's a shame they're not publicly available.

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Patio11's Greatest Hits

My name is Patrick McKenzie. I’m a recovering Japanese salaryman who ran a succession of small software companies. At present, I’m working at Stripe, working making it easier to start and scale companies worldwide. [...] I write well and prolifically, generally on the intersection of marketing and engineering. I’m not the best marketer or engineer in the world, but I’m a better engineer than almost all marketers and a better marketer than almost all engineers. Tactically abusing this combination prints money in a very intellectually interesting way; this site is mostly war stories from doing that.


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Joe wouldn't give me a description for his blog. But he's great and you should give him lots of money.